Wildfire Workshops

In addition to our wonderful speakers, we have Wildfire Workshops happening upstairs all weekend!

These are longer, more intimate sessions where you get a chance to learn directly from our experts and walk away with a new skill under your lady-belt!



Amy Phipps Presents…

Tap Into The Power of Nature

A designer, teacher and mentor by training, Amy’s creative career has taken many forms and she is now the founder and creative force behind Women Who Create UK.

This workshop is for anyone who loves the more ‘woo woo’ side of creative business running and values natural health care, the power of plants and clearing bad energy from their creative work spaces and homes.

You’ll learn to tap into the power of nature, a little bit about foraging and drying herbs as well as creatively & decoratively binding bundles to make gorgeously adorned magical smudge sticks. There will be a piece about mindfulness and clarity here as well as the practical side of working with the delicious plants!

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Moyra Scott Presents…

Wild Art Journaling and Wild Painting

A workshop to free up your creativity and ignite your creative sparkle.

I believe that art is for everyone and that being creative and expressing your creative self is necessary for a happy soul – my workshops are free of judgement, you don’t need to be ‘good’ at art to enjoy it – its all about the process, learning to let go and being creative and playful in the moment.

“Wild Art Journalling with Moyra literally opened the doorway to my creativity that had been locked away for years and allowed it to flow like an inspired author ready to write the book of their life! This powerful process unblocked and made manifest my deep desires expressed on the pages of my journal and each week felt like a new chapter to dive into. I felt very inspired and guided by Moyra’s gentle wisdom and passionate creativity.” (Amy)

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Debbie Bridge Presents…

Bravery to Sing Workshop

‘Facing your fears opens doors to self-esteem, which can take you on adventures you never knew existed.’

Have you ever wanted to sing? Or do you sing in the shower? Does your family tell you to stop before you even get a chance to sing 1 word? Well, this is for you.

In our short half hour, I plan to give you some top tips on singing, break through your fears and, of course, sing a song.

Personally, I don’t believe there is a person out there who can’t sing. When I was about 9 or 10 years old, I was in my school class and we got to sing my favourite song. So, I didn’t hold back when we started to sing it – well it turns out – I was too loud and sang out of tune to the point the teacher told me to stop singing as I was putting everyone else off in front of the entire class.

Debbie Bridge is a professional singer/actor who has been lucky enough to have worked all over the world on various types of productions. She has walked across the famous cross walk at Abbey Road studios to do a recording, sung at the Temple of Doom where Lara Croft was and performed Gertrude (Hamlet’s Mother) in a Cave.

I want to share some of what I’ve learned with you and help you open new doors to yourself. So come along for the adventure and dive in!

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Stacia Keogh Presents…

PreZent Your BiZstory

Stacia is passionate about uncovering the story behind the good idea, the business practice, the service, the product and help you tell confidently presented Stories that transform, delight and ignite.

This workshop is for anyone who dreads presenting in a public forum, who needs to ignite their audience and transform them to take ACTION.

Are you telling a STORY your audience can empathise with? Do you know how to structure a story to provoke curiosity deliver insight and surprise?

You’ll walk away with…

✓ Strategies to support your voice and broaden your vocal range to make an impact
✓ Ways to engage your audience and own the space
✓ A pallet of metaphors and story structures
✓ The techniques to resonate with your audience viscerally

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Sister Snog Presents…

Sister Snog

Stop Networking, Start Connecting

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Camilla Miller Presents…

Keeping Your Cool Parenting

Camilla is a mother of two, a qualified primary school teacher and a skilled parenting coach.

Camilla is passionate about teaching conscious parenting, and she specialises in enabling better communication to transform family life. Her “Keeping Your Cool Parenting” course provides a complete roadmap to cool, calm and connected parenting.

In this workshop, she discusses the power behind our words and how praise is the greatest motivator. Camilla will work with you to become more conscious with your communication and enable you to build a stronger more connected bond with your loved ones.

Topics covered will include, how to:

  • Define and understand the importance of self esteem;
  • Appreciate the need to encourage self-motivation in children;
  • Understand the difference between different types of praise;
  • Avoid the pitfalls of mainstream praise.

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Lucy Brand Presents…

Uncover Your Limiting Beliefs

A workshop for women to discover and uncover a limiting belief they have and release it so it no longer has any power over them.

Lucy helps women transform their stories by releasing negative beliefs no longer serving them and replacing them with loving truths. She is also a certified Energy Coach, Shamanic Coach, Life Coach and has a background in digital marketing.

Having spent years receiving and learning healing and personal development techniques to transform her own story, Lucy is passionate about changing the world by healing one woman at a time through the power of love, so they can show-up in the world as the beautiful, bright, leaders they were born to be.

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