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Thea who?

I have a Diploma in Clinical NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life coaching and EFT but
my real lessons definitely came through the school of hard knocks.

After University I ambled my way through a long series of unsatisfying jobs, with brief periods of happy travelling-I wanted to do something more but had no idea what or how.

My relationship at the time was difficult to say the least (I was the ‘responsible one’ with a boyfriend that led me on a merry dance all over the country and even ran up bills in my name) plus add in a difficult past, some major family issues & some bad patterns & crisis hit. Big time!

At age 26, I burnt out, unable to work and barely able to function at all.
I was finally diagnosed with M.E (also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I could hardly get out of bed, experienced every terrible symptom under the sun and had to leave my job, feeling like a shell of a woman. I cried desperately every day.

I tell you, that’s one hell of a way to get yourself to pay attention to yourself! The 6 years that it took to fully recover were full of the biggest learning and discoveries it’s possible to imagine (and the learning never stops).

During my recovery, I trained in Clinical NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life coaching and EFT, took a zillion other courses (began teaching on courses), read a whole heap of helpful books and began to understand quite a lot about myself that I really had no idea about before. I discovered that I had emotions (!!), a big need for creativity and that my boundaries had been fairly shockingly bad. A big spiritual side opened up too and I learnt how tuned in and intuitive I am-that was also a shock!

What a miracle it was when I got totally well again.

Believe me when you’ve felt like death warmed up for very many years and not been sure if you’ll ever make it to the other side, the appreciation I felt was and still is, massive. It can still bring me to tears of gratitude and I’ve been totally better now for longer then I was sick.

“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”
Joseph Campbell


Not everyone goes quite this far to teach themselves how to live life fully and be themselves.

I wanted to take all that I’d learnt (the hard way) & make it easier (even, exciting & fun) for others by supporting them to flourish.

During my teens, in my work life & definitely during my illness-in fact pretty much always, I’d felt like the odd one out. I was more sensitive, couldn’t fit in the boxes & was always looking for something truly fulfilling with real meaning to do with my life. I’d also learnt a hell of a lot about relationships-also the hard way!


I know what a difference it can make when someone truly has your back, when you know no subject or emotion is barred, when you feel heard & understand. Plus when combined with tools & techniques from life coaching & NLP (so you’re consciously creating your future & feeling more empowered & more ‘you’)-when you know it’s ok to do things your way, miracles can (& do-I’ve seen it lots) happen.

So, I’ve loved working with my international & national coaching clients for over a decade.

I’m privileged to have worked with some incredible, ordinary and extraordinary folk who’ve been kind enough to say some lovely things:

 Rachel Cook, CEO/Founder of Playseeds 


It's hard to overstate how much Thea has helped me move forward with my startup and in my personal life. The work that she is doing is cutting edge...
I can't recommend her highly enough. If you're interested in help as you move through the blocks that are keeping you from your best life, start working with Thea today.

Nicola Comber, BBC/CH4 Documentary Director 


Thea has been an amazing help and support to me. I always come...from a session with her feeling incredibly uplifted and alive. Working with her has been invaluable for me during a time of transition in my career and really helped me to get through it with a positive mindset and aware of the opportunities that were presenting themselves. Her warm and empathetic approach really suited me in the way that it gives you the space and confidence you need to reflect on life and start to see solutions or ideas you didn't realise you already had about your own life situation. I would thoroughly recommend her as a life coach.


If you’re still here reading this, then it’s most probably YOU!

I work with creative (which comes in very many forms by the way), thoughtful, purpose lead women who want to follow their calling in whatever way (little or giant) that matters to you. I call these Creative Wonder Women!

Spirituality matters a great deal to some of them & they love my ability to energetically ‘tune in’ to them, use my intuition & connect them with their spiritual guidance- to help heal their emotional wounds so they can powerfully bring the highest version of themselves.

Others, are wanting to bust through confidence blocks, figure out a practical plan, get more visible & really put their work out there or change careers.

Whilst some of my clients love the deep emotional work we do that frees them up to find the love & relationships they deeply desire or figure out difficult current issues.

I’ve worked with therapists, lawyers, healers, arts & crafts folk, administrators, single mums, managers, writers & many more besides.


​It’s all about you. So, I work in a way that suits you to bring out your unique gifts, healing or figure out the change that will truly suit you.

I work via phone/Skype/facetime or in person sessions can be arranged if you’re local to Brighton, UK.

We will set some goals-what would you love to achieve by the end of our sessions together? How will you be accountable to me? What do you need to cover-is it releasing fear, upping your confidence, getting some clarity or making a plan?

Our sessions will be an hour & involve talking, energy or NLP exercises, visualisations, ‘tuning into you’ or any combination as you need & would like.

I’m a big believer in life being full of play, creativity & where possible a bit of fun so occasional giggling can happen too (be warned).

But all you have to do is be you-a human with all the baggage & gifts & silly habits & amazing ideas & all that you have on that day!

So, if you want a combination of inner support with practical coaching tools to create real world change-then read on…

Individual coaching calls

  • Talk about how life is going and what you’d love to change.
  • Get to the bottom of what’s keeping you stuck.
  • Look at how you’d love your life to look.
  • Create a vision to manifest that destiny (you can work with and keep forever).
  • I will offer my own intuitive sense of the situation too (if you’d like it!).
  • Create a perfect plan.

You can also book in with me for a free 30 min chat about it all first too.

Or email me:

The Business Coaching Bundle (4 sessions)

FOR MORE PACKAGES, to ask questions & to book a free 30 minute chat, you can email me directly:

4 Sessions allows us to really get stuck in, for you to take action & be accountable & to get great ongoing support to make big change.

  • Session 1 Who are you….really
    What are your gifts, abilities & qualities that have been hiding lately or that you might never have acknowledged?
    What do you want to offer to the world with these (& make money doing)?
  • Session 2 THE PLAN!
    What are your short & long term goals?
    What do you dreams of happening? Let’s get you on that road taking step by step do-able action.
    How can this fit into your current life in reality? We’ll work it all out together!
  • Session 3 Overcoming Obstacles
    What gets in the way of you feeling confident and making plans happen?
    Let’s deal with those obstacles whether these blocks are emotional or practical.
    Whether it’s self esteem, your relationships, child care or motivation….we’ll find a way through that suits you!
  • Session 4 Burst Out!
    Getting amazing YOU out in the world.
    Integrating what you’ve learnt into your everyday life—that means are you are putting into practise everything you’ve learnt?
    Are you taking the steps you need? What results are you getting? I’m here to help!
    Building your future. What does your future look like now?

The Inner + Outer combo package
(8 Sessions)

  • You get 4 sessions with Cat PLUS 4 sessions with Théa
  • You get the inner work with Théa plus the outer work with Cat
  • We speak over Skype for 45 minutes
  • You can book when you like (we recommend every week or fortnight)
  • You can email us at any time for complete support

​1 Day VIP INtensive with Cat & ThéA

  • You get a full day (9–5), in person with the Wildfire firestarters!
  • You get the inner work with Théa plus the outer work with Cat
  • We dive deep into your business and cover everything you need to succeed on your terms
  • Any questions, email
  • Locations: Brighton & London

Thea is is a burst of fresh air and enthusiasm if you are stuck in a rut and don't know how to climb out...she will help you connect with your "authentic" self... It is so wonderful to take a proactive approach to my life and all while having fun. I was able to make immense progress and feel in control and confident …Since working with Thea, I have been head hunted, promoted and more than doubled my salary.

T Nichelle Anderson. Paralegal and Writer

Any questions? Email me directly at