Work with Cat

Cat who?

About 5 years ago I decided I’d had enough pixel pushing at a design agency in London. I was unfulfilled, I was stressed, I was exhausted.

I decided to go freelance, spend some time alone in Japan and when I came back: I got to work. I set up a pet portraiture business and kept up my web design on the side.

Now - I knew what I had to do. I knew all about social media, SEO, I could make a pretty website and design nice business cards.

But when it came to actually talking about my work and meeting potential customers and clients? I froze.

It was around this time, when I was struggling to pay bills and considering going back to a 9-5, that a friend pointed out: I’m an introvert.

I denied it at first: I thought introverts were all shy, quiet - and these were things I had worked hard on at overcoming. Surely I was an extrovert now!

But he pointed out introversion was more to do with energy management, how we process information and nothing to do with shyness.

I accepted his diagnosis, and started realising I wasn’t alone. There were loads of other creative introverts I was meeting at these networking events I hated so much - and we all felt the same. None of us liked promoting ourselves - even though we knew it was part of the gig.

the Creative Introvert?

So. That’s when I started working on a solution. I started writing about it.

I started a blog, the Creative Introvert, as a way of sharing what I was learning myself: introvert friendly approaches to selling art, marketing and building a kind of self confidence that doesn’t require ‘faking it’.

I also set up an online community, The League of Creative Introverts, for us to chat and support each other, share skills and advice, so that we didn’t have to leave the house and go to any sleazy networking events.

My not-so-secret secret

I’m not a coach - really. I’m a freelance illustrator and designer who has turned around a dying business into a profitable career consulting with creative businesses and that fits my personality type and preferences.

What I call ‘coaching’ is a chat between two like minds, where you get to ask questions, and I help you figure out how to achieve your creative career goals - regardless of how introverted, shy, socially awkward or ginger you are.

Why do I do this?

If I can save you from the mistakes, heartache and embarrassment I faced in the awkward stages of starting a creative business - I’d know it was all worth it.

Trust me: if I can do this ‘turn your passion into a career’ thing - I’m going to take a wild guess and say YOU CAN TOO.

Who do I help?

Creatives who work for themselves, whether they've set up a business, are a freelancer or have a part-time hobby they want to grow. Those who are making their art and wanting to take it to the next level.

By creative, I mean the arts; design, illustration, fine art, crafts. But I'm also referring to anyone who helps to bring something new into the world in creating a business. Yogis. Baristas. Bakers. Candlestick makers! We all have passions for different things and our creativity is revealed through these.

For me, creativity is constructive change. It's bringing to life something new that changes the world in some way, for the better.


  • You'll learn how to increase your sales or get into your dream marketplace successfully.
  • You'll find clarity on how to talk confidently about yourself and your creative work, how to present it to your right people - and get results.
  • You'll discover specific strategies that suit YOU, your work and your goals, whether it's to increase income, create more in less time, or live on an introvert-friendly remote island.
  • We can work directly on your website, branding, online exposure or create a step-by-step plan so that you learn how to communicate effectively: I can help you regardless of where you are right now in your creative business journey.
  • I offer total support and act both as a business coach and as an accountability partner to help keep you on track to achieving your dreams.

How I make sh*t happen for Creative Introverts

Whilst I’m known for biting off more than I can chew in terms of eating candy floss, I am NOT known for this in the land of career coaching.

I believe every task, project or goal can be broken down into itty-bitty bitesize chunks - that can be nibbled on day by day.

This, when combined with self-knowledge (your personality type, preferences, skills, values…) a good plan (no more what-the-f*ck-do-I -do-today’s) and a hefty does of accountability (I got you) I truly believe we can make pretty much anything happen.

The right Cat for you?

I’m not going to pretend I’m for everyone. 

I really like puns. I swear like a sailor (Irish parents). I turn everything into a spreadsheet. I put peanut butter on broccoli.


If you’re reading this and have though ‘YES - me too!’ at any point or have heard the podcast and wanted to join in and chat? 

You ready to give this a whirl?

Individual coaching calls

  • We talk about your business dreams and challenges and create action-steps tailored to your personality type and preferences.
  • Accountability, support and commitment from me whenever you need it - just book yourself in and we'll hop on Skype.

I offer all new clients a FREE 30-minute chat to see if we're the purrrfect fit.

The Business Coaching Bundle (4 sessions)

  • Over 4 sessions, we work together to craft your business and create a plan tailored to your personality type, preferences and big dreams
  • We speak over Skype for 45 minutes
  • You can book when you like (I recommend every week or fortnight)
  • You can email me at any time for complete support

The Inner + Outer combo package
(8 Sessions)

  • You get 4 sessions with Cat PLUS 4 sessions with Théa
  • You get the inner work with Théa plus the outer work with Cat
  • We speak over Skype for 45 minutes
  • You can book when you like (we recommend every week or fortnight)
  • You can email us at any time for complete support

​1 Day VIP INtensive with Cat & ThéA

  • You get a full day (9–5), in person with the Wildfire firestarters!
  • You get the inner work with Théa plus the outer work with Cat
  • We dive deep into your business and cover everything you need to succeed on your terms
  • Any questions, email
  • Locations: Brighton & London

Any questions? Email me directly at