Wildfire Women: Sarah Wade’s Story

The first in our series of personal stories from our Wildfire Women is from Sarah Wade, co-author of two books and founder of Find Your Dream Job – a blog that shares the stories of other inspiring people who have pursued their career dreams.

Take it away, Sarah!

Looking for a shift in my own life I signed up for a food writing course with the hope of trying out a freelance writing career. It quickly became apparent that I was a novice amongst real food experts. But each week a guest was invited in from the food industry and every Thursday at 8.00pm I observed someone who was in love, engaged and excited by what they did for a living.

It was a revelation to me, a total antidote to the conversations I had with friends who felt under-employed, ground down by office politics, poor management, tedium or hopeless bosses. Negative and overlooked for promotions themselves they were convinced this was all working life had to offer.

But here in front of me was the evidence of individuals who had changed career to do something they adored. They oozed enthusiasm and a love of life. It was entirely infectious.

By the end of that course I didn’t want to write about food, I wanted to hear more stories, write about career change and find out exactly what the process was to finding a dream job.

On my journey I met people, extroverts and introverts, from all walks of life who had successfully made career change. Those with mortgages, children, spouses, qualifications and a clear ambition and those without. But all went through a process to get where they wanted and needed to be. It all began by taking a very small first step. Mine was to pick up the phone and contact my first interviewee.

I am a BBC radio producer and now, the author of two books. I love to hear stories about people who love what they do for a living. At Wildfire Women I’ll be sharing some of those inspirational stories and the conclusions I have drawn about how to make successful career change.

Sarah Wade


Find Your Dream Job by Sarah Wade and Carole Ann Rice
Start Your Dream Business by Sarah Wade and Carole Ann Rice
Connect with Sarah on Twitter: @sarahwadedreams
Read the stories: www.findyourdreamjob.wordpress.com


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