Wildfire Women 2017

In September 2017, a two-day event that brought together some of the most creative minds, biggest hearts and all-round talented folk Brighton has ever seen.

Some of the kind words about Wildfire Women 2017…

Thank you so much. I came on a bit of a whim and got enormously more from the event than expected

~ Susan

Inspirational, eye-opening, motivational. Well worth attending. I left with my Wildfire Woman burning bright!

~ Katy

Oh my goodness what a wellspring of an event – just what I needed… What a welcoming bunch of fabulous gals!

The clarity brought of my own interests, story skills and definition of my own entrepreneurial direction… I left emotionally drained!

~ Hannah

The atmosphere was brilliant. It was empowering in every way that it could be. Has given me some great ideas to make some changes in my life.

~ Barbara

It was incredible and just what I have been looking for, for a long time.

To hear REAL women’s stories, to see and learn about their ups and downs in life and in business was so heartening and refreshing. In this world of glossy marketing and ‘six figure’ business plans etc (yawn, I’m so over that one?!) this kind of event is absolutely vital to help us believe in ourselves and know that we, imperfections and all, can do it too – we can live a life and find, and create, work that is satisfying, rewarding and useful and breaking the mould for us and for many other women.

I finally felt I’d found my tribe! I’ve tried networking and setting up my business before, but I didn’t quite find my niche or my people and it also wasn’t the right time in my own life – but now I feel this is the place, these are the people and this is my time. You and your event came along just at the right moment!

So thank you, and please know all your amazing efforts were so worth it.

~ Maddie

A wonderful opportunity to gather with likeminded women at a warm and creative gathering. Connected with new friends and potential collaborators and hear talks that were inspiring to anyone who has – or is looking for – a passion to pursue.

~ Catie

Lovely mixture of spirituality and business. Empowering, motivational and inspirational! A safe place to explore who you are, what you want and where you’re going as a business woman.

~ Emily

Every aspect has been fantastic. A really eye-opening, inspiring day!

~ Angela

And this poem from the lovely Alanna made us get a bit teary eyed!

Thank you Cat and Thea
For an inspiring day
Wildfire Women at the Synergy Centre
Where workshops sparked
Nature’s healing qualities into
Smudge sticks with dried herbs
That cleanse.
Wild art journaling where
Written words unedited, free
Are torn up and layered
Become a basis of art
Where your inner child is free
Plays, experiments, is exhilarated;
To inspiring talks by women
Who have discovered
Different ways or working
Encouraging, developing skills.
Interaction with public speaker
Who gave us exercises to make us powerful
And yet be vulnerable.
A place where I met
New connections
And synchronicity
Played its part.
Congratulate yourself for
Taking the risk
And like the representative from Rise
Being strong, courageous, and brave
You deserved your success.


We think we’ve covered everyone… and if you’re not here, know that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts (and our brains are still a bit fried!)


Sophie Reid
Ebonie Allard
Alice Reeves
Pippa Moyle
Sarah Wade
Sara Allen
Hannah Winter
Joss Mukoyogo
Rachel Bird of Pony Express
Zara Polden
Rachel Cook
Marta Scott + Her Dancers
Ali Williams
Lola Hoad
Roz Try-Hane
Dan Colliers
Simon Topping
Elloa + Nige Atkinson
Rebecca Fox
Nicola Comber


Camilla Miller
Hela + Annie from Sister Snog
Lucy Brand
Amy Phipps
Moyra Scott
Debbie Bridge
Stacia Keogh

RISE (Alex & the team)


Pete Stannard from Greenware Productions (cameras, sound)
Rich Tribe (projector)
Simon Topping (everything else)


Laura Morgan
Alia Halstead


Nammie Matthews (Argus & BN1)
Bex Bastable (Brighton & Hove Independent)
Jennifer LeRoux (Alt-Mu Mag)
Shelley (Brighton Style Mag)


Donna Hay (Gozen Girls)
Sarah Agnew (Modern Bric a Brac)
Livia (Urban Eve)
Sarah Best
Brighton & Hove Therapies
Jason Baker from Castaway Radio (+ Hela)

Thank you for having us to speak at…

Brighton Belles WI
Brighton Sunday Assembly
Action for Happiness Brighton
+ Amy Parker (for arranging all of the above)


Claire Hellier
Charlotte Frank
Elodie Lod

We also appreciate all the love & support we’ve received from our friends & family—thanks for sticking with us whilst we created this crazy vision.

And finally….

A BIG THANK YOU to ALL of our incredible Wildfire Sisters (& brothers) that have participated in coming to this new event.

Thank you for sharing this with us!

They’ll be more… WATCH THIS SPACE 😉