Why are we doing this?

“Why are we doing this?”

He asked. Not sharing my vision, I at first took it as a slight on my grand plans.

But before I let my ego have it’s way and defend itself, I remembered.

We’re doing this because it’s time.

We’re coming together to share our stories, to be seen, to deepen our identities as individuals and as a group. We’re gathering round to hold each other in a trusted space to share and find our purpose.

Held together by sisterhood, we’re creating an opportunity to bring out the most tender parts of ourselves so that they may be healed, so that others can heal.

Our vulnerabilities transform into strengths.

Our insecurities become badges of honour. It is by joining in sisterhood that we can transform ourselves – and ultimately – our world.

Deep. Connected. Energising. There is a certain magic that we’ve all felt at one point or another – a kind of palpable and inexplicable magic – that happens when a group of women get together with the right intention.

I understood his question now.

After all, I’ve been to a number of conferences—yoga festivals, coaching summits, meditation retreats—where like-minded people with a common interest gather to practice.

Why on earth would I need to create another one?

What is so unique about Wildfire Women is that our ‘common interest’ is our experience of being women, and our only agenda is to spend a weekend exploring what it is to live our most creative, fulfilled life.

We’re coming together not to share what it is we do or why we’ve ‘made it’ – we’re coming together to share who we ARE and who we intend to become.

Wildfire Women


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