What Makes You, You?

Today’s words of wisdom come from Wildfire Woman, Lola Hoad of One Girl Band.

Thea read this in Lola’s newsletter and knew we had to share it with our tribe!

Take it away Lola 😉

Something I’ve been exploring lately is what makes you, you.

We’re told we should be 100% ourselves, be authentic, be true, but what does that really look like?

When I was younger, I was quite insular, unconfident and a little bit insecure. I would subconsciously change my personality depending on who I was hanging out with. For example, I would pretend I was obsessed with Harry Potter because all of my school friends were, when really I just wasn’t that into it (sorry HP fans!).

Growing older and riding into those first awkward teenage years, I would project who I ‘was’ through my clothes and music, trying to impress anyone and everyone and show how different I was. There was one moment I’ll always remember when I was 16, when someone said I should ‘try harder to be like everyone else’ and stop trying to be ‘cool’. I remember thinking ‘but this IS ME!’.

In more recent times, I would spend ages debating on posting a certain caption or talking to the camera in a video in case an acquaintance saw it and thought I was a nob. Thinking about that makes me a little sad for past Lola.

The other day, an acquaintance said something along the lines of ‘you used to be so quiet and now you’re speaking in front of lots of people and putting yourself out there – what changed?’.

It dawned on me that back then, I wasn’t me. I may have thought I was, but I hadn’t discovered what made me, me just yet. When I became self employed and started this journey of being an entrepreneur, the shell started peeling away. When I was in a work environment at an event/speaking gig/anywhere I was representing me and my brand, I was truly me.

I would be confident, strong and content.

I wouldn’t hide who I was, or change my views to please others.

I wouldn’t worry if people thought ill of me, because I knew if they did, they were just simply not my people.

I’m confident that becoming my own boss, growing into my own hero and creating magical things has helped me discover who I am.

Of course, I still have to check myself when those little intrusive thoughts pop up, and I have days where I think I’m not capable of running a business, but on the whole, I think being my own boss and riding through this journey has revealed that I can do this, that I am capable. And you are too.

In a nutshell – Being authentic and true is about letting your freak flag fly. It’s about showing the world what you stand for, what you believe in, and not feeling shame. Being 100% you will set yourself out from the rest, and your ideal audience will be all over that.

When you next hear ‘just do you’ and you find yourself wondering- ‘but what IS me?!’, remember this:

You are your passions, your interests, and your dreams. You are your individuality and independence. You are whatever makes you cry with laughter, you are your reactions and you are how you feel when something bad happens in this world. You are your compassion, your love and purpose.

The world needs that uniqueness, so don’t ever think you need to hide it to serve others.

Take some time to sit today and write down what makes you, you, and start celebrating it.


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