Thea Anderson

I’ve been a life coach working with creative, courageous women, who’ve got stuck somewhere (but aren’t prepared to settle for a half lived life), for a decade now—I can’t believe it’s been that long!

I trained in NLP, hypnotherapy & life coaching but my biggest lessons came from the school of hard knocks. At 26, I became so ill (I was eventually diagnosed with M.E/Chronic Fatigue syndrome) that my life totally fell apart. Barely able to get out of bed, I had to quit my job.

Determined to recover and with little help from the medical profession, I went on a life changing journey of the mind, body & soul to find out why the hell I’d got so sick.

In the 6 years that it took, I learnt who I really was, what I truly loved, about the impact of a stressful past & found a sense of purpose (and fun again.) This once very shy wallflower also took up performing comedy!

Now totally well and full of beans for many years, my aim is to support my clients to have a life that truly lights them up and follow their calling (without needing to have quite the level of crisis I did!)

In that time, there’s nothing I haven’t worked with: career, family issues, relationships, boundaries and much more.

I’ve seen that with support, clarity, a few tools and a sense of humour, miracles can occur.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about our Wildfire Women event. I care deeply about supporting and inspiring my fellow sisters to feel empowered to step out there and make things happen in big ways (starting a business, travelling the world or finding the love of their life–whatever floats your boat right now) and/or the little ways that matter (remembering to do what makes you giggle like an idiot!)

It can be a lonely journey without the support of a good tribe so I’m delighted to be bringing us together in my much loved home town of beautiful Brighton.

You can find me here: or join my new Creative Wonder Women Tribe on Facebook.