A Big Thank You

to all of our inspiring speakers, our lovely audience & helpful volunteers who made our Wildfire Women conference day in London, October 2018 go with a bang!

What an incredible day it was!

Thank you also to PSYCHOLOGIES magazine for all your wonderful support (Editor in Chief Suzy Greaves & Agony Aunt Mary Fenwick pictured above with co-founder, host & speaker Thea Anderson). 

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What are Wildfire Women events all about?

You’ll hear the real, unfiltered stories – the ups & downs, the lows & highs of the amazing, creative, talented women of our screens, businesses, magazines, books and more.

We’re Going Behind the Scenes

Women continue to face the same challenges, whether its time, money, age, confidence – the negative voice of their own inner critic, perfectionism or of loved ones not believing in them.

This year, Wildfire Women’s theme is ‘Behind the Scenes.’ Women will be taking the stage to share how they’ve tried, failed, persisted, succeeded and why they feel it’s so important for us to share our stories, messages and our creative work – and why it’s so important for you to share yours.

Why now?

In a year of celebrating 100 years of women’s right to vote, we will be championing aspiring and successful creative cutting edge women. With an amazing line up of speakers including a producer, agent, actresses, authors, comedians, journalists and coaches, this event will celebrate the incredible creative talent and take a look behind the scenes.

You’ll get an insight into the true stories of our speakers: how they found their calling, the obstacles they faced, and the support they found along the way. What have they learned? What advice can they offer? What still needs changing in these industries? What are the discussions we still need to be having?

There will be a chance to network and make life-long friends as well as having an empowering, uplifting day… This will be inspiring whether you want to change your career, have a ‘creative baby’ or just love personal development and want to be around your fellow sisters.

We can’t wait to see you there!

What we stand for

• Women owning their ability to have an impact
• Speaking our truth to make a positive difference
• Every individual has a story to tell
• Honouring both the inner work (alignment, mindset) and the outer work (action, creation)
• Connecting with the version of us behind the selfie filter
• Embracing the misfits, rebelles and dilettantes
• Collaboration over competition

Why Wildfire Women exists

We’re tired of seeing the same people at conferences, talks and workshops. Sure, their name, their face may be different: but the message is the same:

“Look at this amazing thing I’ve done. If you reach my level of’ perfection’, you can have this too… may be.”

We’re left feeling in awe, yes. But then we get home… and we have a reality check.

“How could I ever reach their heights? I’m far too old / young / poor / shy…”

And we return to our lives, discouraged. Self-loathing rears its head once more.

This is why we created Wildfire Women. We craved a gathering of women from a variety of backgrounds, with a medley of dreams and desires and stones to share.

So we got to it.

A community slowly but surely, started to form.

Over the course of one weekend, over 30 bold souls shared their stories and gifts on stage, with the shared message: if I can, you can.

Both those on-stage and off-stage were treated with warmth, respect and appreciation.

Our goal was to make sure everyone left feeling encouraged. Sure, life-changing transformations would be nice (and for some, that’s what they got) but if we could just give someone the relief in knowing: “Yes I actually can” then our mammoth task would be well worth it.

One year on, we’re determined to do the same – taking what we created by the sea (in Brighton) to our capital in London.

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