The One Thing Missing From All Business Courses

Today’s blog comes from co-founder Firestarter herself, Théa Anderson, who shares a bit about her story and the missing piece in the puzzle of creating a life and business you truly love.

Let’s be honest, starting a project, a business—putting that dream out there into the cold light of day, makes most people feel vulnerable.

It takes courage. It takes making a great deal of decisions, sometimes alone.

You have to take your beautiful idea and nurture it. To nourish it and give it a chance to thrive.

No one feels 100% sure (it’s a myth that they do). No one knows 100% what they’re doing (another myth).

The truth is: everyone must adapt as they go along.

Maybe you make a business plan, maybe you go on a marketing course, maybe you read all the books you’re supposed to but within all that, there’s one thing that matters most.

And it’s missing.

It’s missing from all that business advice out there.

In fact, it’s the most CRUCIAL component (and it’s obvious when you really think about it.)

It’s simple really….

It’s YOU.

What often gets forgotten is that you have to nurture and nourish YOU throughout the business-building process too.

If you feel supported, you feel motivated.
If you feel understood, you can share your message.
If you know it’s normal to be scared, you can be brave.
If you know others have needed to keep going to make their business work, you can too.

If you don’t…if you don’t feel supported, understood, know it’s ok to be to be scared, hear other’s stories—what happens to you (and your business)?

A few years ago, I took a 6 month business course—I paid my monthly fee and signed up for group classes via conference calls and occasional 1:1’s with a confident, lovely American business coach.

I learnt some really helpful stuff; stuff I’ve gone on to use and to teach others. But I felt like the teacher didn’t really get me, she didn’t understand that I didn’t work like her, didn’t have the same needs as her…that I couldn’t just follow the exact same steps as her to success.

I wanted her to understand my struggles. They were different to hers.

I’m the kind of person who needs to chat about my ideas, share my stumbling blocks—work it through, feel supported to be different, supported to find unique solutions….then I’m pretty much capable of anything I set my mind to.

But without that—it takes me longer to get going, I can over think on a road that feels lonely and I might start to doubt my direction.


I felt that if I could be understood by her, I could understand myself better and I could know what to do (and get going).

From that experience, I came to this conclusion…(and found brilliant support elsewhere)…

The inner side of your business is as important as the outer.

How does your business or project fit into your life, with your personality with your other commitments, with your gifts, with how you function at your best, with how YOU are most productive?

Much like diets, there are diets that say THIS is the ultimate diet—do the Atkins, do raw food, go paleo, go vegan, count calories. It’s confusing & often contradictory.

It’s often whatever is the next biggest craze.

They definitely don’t work for everyone, no one diet suits all. Why? Because we all have different bodies, different metabolisms, different lifestyles (but that revelation might not sell a diet book this Christmas).

The same happens in business, each expert says—you MUST do face book ads, you MUST write a book, work a 4 hour week or network your butt off every day.

Of course, we can’t possibly follow every piece of advice (we might explode).

In the sea of information, we get overwhelmed. We doubt ourselves & get lost. I know I do.

The old masculine way of business is to follow the steps & that’s what school taught us all, that there are linear markers to hit— we want to believe that system still works. If we do them in order, just as we’re told, we’ll get the grade.

We are trained to believe the teacher and it’s damn right confusing when there is a different teacher saying a different thing everywhere you look.

You need to know how YOU work so you can work to your best.

Instead of step by step, what about figuring out your business your way—the way forward that not only works (makes money) but that genuinely works for you…which means you’ll keep going.

It takes keeping going, self belief, picking yourself up when you get stuck, figuring it out over and over again to make a business, project (and indeed life) actually work.

To write this blog today I knew, I needed a bike ride along the seafront and to sit in a cafe (I’m lucky enough to be able to do that) and I know I write best in a short burst. I’ve figured out the formula for me.

But my Wildfire Women co-founder Cat needs to wake up early with a coffee when the house is quiet, before she looks at her emails and let her ideas pour onto the page. She need a routine and a ritual.

We’ve both learnt how to find our flow here (after lots of trial and error).

It’s time to start talking about business, creativity, giving your gifts to the world as an inside job as much as an outside.

If you get aligned with YOU.

Imagine what you could create.

We know you’re different… we all are!

So instead of trying to give a one-size-fits all how to guide, we want to give you the tools to understand your unique self and build a business according to those strengths, preferences and quirks.

We’re running a FREE workshop that will walk you through the core principles of self knowledge and how to shape your business accordingly.

It all happens live online on Tuesday 12th December at 7pm – and we’d love to have you there.

Click here to register for the free workshop and get the step-by-step plan for business success in 2018.

See you there Wildfire Women!

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