The Adventurous Agenda


10:00 – Introduction

Théa Anderson (co-founder & life coach)

A little note about the day- each section will end with a Q & A (as long as time permits) so save your best questions for our wonderful Wildfire Speakers.

10:20 – Confidence

Mary Fenwick (Journalist, speaker & coach)

“How I Qualified As An Agony Aunt”

Women often feel that they are not qualified enough to raise their head above the parapet. What made Mary think she could solve other people’s problems? Does that mean she has to have complete confidence in her own everyday life? Hear the inside scoop from Psychologies magazine’s wonderful agony aunt.

Suzy Walker (Editor-in-Chief of Psychologies, coach & author)

“How to beat Imposter Syndrome”

Many famous & accomplished women are admitting to having times they feel like they will be found out for being a fraud. Suzy will be talking about how you can feel like an imposter but get out there & do it anyway!

Cate Mackenzie (Love Coach)

“The power of Self Love”

How do you put yourself first when running your own business?  Can you follow your own integrity and principals? What can you put in place to keep remembering you? Cate will teach you that self love is not indulgent but essential to success (& happiness).

11:20 – Balance

Sally Bunkham (Founder of Mumsback)

“How PND Shaped My Business”

Postnatal depression made the birth of her daughter a bleak time for Sally, but she now credits it with shaping her business MumsBack. Find hope in her story of recovery with some unexpected twists in her tale.

Ros Try-Hane (Film Critic)

“I’ll have what she’s having”

Have an amazing hobby you’d like to make your job? Film critic Roz will be telling us how to find the balance between paying the bills and following your passion.

A quick message from our charity REFUGE

12:20 – Lunch

12.50pm Music from Phily K

Relax and be whisked away by the soulful sounds of Phily K-a beautiful person with a beautiful voice accompanied by Stu on keyboards.

1:20 – Step Out From ‘Behind The Scenes’

Thea Anderson (Co-Founder of Wildfire Women & Life Coach)

“Visibility-how to get comfortable with it (from a person who wasn’t!)”

Hate being ‘out there’? Just want to hide on the sofa, where it’s safe?! Our co-founder, life coach Thea Anderson really struggled with this too. Get inspired to show up & be seen in the ways that light you & the world up!

Sophie Reid (Actress, poet & musician) -Spoken word & music performance piece

“How to convince the human psyche that following your heart is a good if not totally sane idea! “

Sophie admits to being inspired by pretty much everything! Sophie was last year’s hit at Wildfire Women with her gorgeous singing voice & honest truth telling. This multi passionate film actress will be performing from her forth coming album ‘280 days’ involving spoken word & music which will take us behind the scenes and reveal how to choose a better story. Q & A to follow.

2:20 – Creating Stories

Amy Rosenthal (Playwright)

“Managing the Muse – how to keep faith with your creative self

Hear how acclaimed playwright Amy has overcome her own blocks & kept her confidence in her voice as a writer. She’s not always found this easy but her plays are performed internationally, on the radio & she tutors others in the art of playwriting so she knows how to craft a tale or two!

Catie Wilkins (Comedian, author & podcaster)

“Be prepared to diversify.”

Catie is no stranger to having her fingers in multiple pies! Finding her feet as a stand up, she transferred her creative talents to becoming an award nominated children’s author & is now finding success with the hilarious podcast ‘Drunk Women Solving Crime.’ Catie is a maker of funny engaging stories & will tell the story of her own journey of career diversification.

Nicola Comber (BBC Documentary Director)-interview

We’re so lucky to have Nicola back at Wildfire Women. Nicola will share how she creates fantastic documentaries & the crazy adventures this vocation has taken her on all over the globe. Nicola started her career later in life then some of her peers, how did she begin? How does she find the courage to pitch her big ideas in a male dominated industry? And what creates a great documentary? She’ll be answering all these questions & more!

3:30 – Afternoon Break 

3:50 – Connection

Annik Petrou (Founder of Speaker Express)

“Falling in Love With Public Speaking”

Is public speaking one of your worst fears?  Annik Petrou, Founder of  Speaker Express, overcome her own horrors about it & fell in love with public speaking. She will show you how you can too.

Hela + Annie (Founders of Sister Snog)

“Stop Networking, Start Connecting.” 

Bored of uninspiring after-work drinks? Tired of networking breakfasts that weren’t worth getting out of bed for? Hela & Annie will be telling us how we can stop the same old dull networking and make connections that bring friendship, fun & business. These two founders of Sister Snog will fill you with great ideas & energy.

Nuala O’Sullivan (Screen writer, producer)

“Not Fading to Grey – Older Women Front and Centre in Film” Fed up with not seeing older women on screen? So was Nuala! She created @WO50FF – a film festival celebrating older women in front of and behind the camera. Find out how she did it & be encouraged to never let ageing hold you back.

4:50 – Face Your Fears

Performance from Poet Rachel Shorer

Her poems are funny, honest & uplifting. Rachel has a lot to say & you’ll be captivated.

Charlene (Penguin Author)

“Fear is a F*ck Boy”

Penguin author Charlene wants to help you let go of your fear. In this funny, honest talk Charlene will compare fear to those casual relationships some of us may have had!

Karen Hobbs (Comedian & advocate for The Eve Appeal)

“It’s Just a Vagina?”

Karen was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014, at the age of 24 and in her words, “performs stand-up comedy about the whole debacle.” An ambassador for The Eve Appeal (which supports gynaecological health) this funny lady will leave you laughing.

5:40 – Close + Goodbyes 

**Schedule subject to change.