The Adventurous Agenda


10:00 – Introduction

Théa Anderson (co-founder & life coach)

10:20 – Confidence


Mary Fenwick (Journalist, speaker & coach)

“How I Qualified As An Agony Aunt”

Women often feel that they are not qualified enough to raise their head above the parapet. What makes me think I can solve other people’s problems? Does that mean I have complete confidence in my own everyday life?


Suzy Walker (Editor-in-Chief of Psychologies, coach & author)

“How to beat Imposter Syndrome”


Cate Mackenzie (Love Coach)

“The power of Self Love”
How do you put yourself first when running your own business?  Can you follow your own integrity and principals? What can you put in place to keep remembering you?

11:20 – Balance


Sally Bunkham (Founder of Mumsback)

“How PND Shaped My Business”


Ros Try-Hane (Film Critic)

“I’ll have what she’s having”

How to find the balance between a side gig and your passion.


Cat Rose (Founder of The Creative Introvert & original co-founder Of Wildfire Women)

“How to balance alone time and people time”
Regardless of whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, we all need a balance in how we spend our time – and who it’s with. Cat will give you some tips for managing your energy and ensuring your boundaries are respected.

A quick message from our charity REFUGE

12:20 – Lunch

12.50pm Music from Phily K

1:20 – Step Out From ‘Behind The Scenes’

Thea Anderson (Co-Founder of Wildfire Women & Life Coach)

“Visibility-how to get comfortable with it (from a person who wasn’t!)”


Sophie Reid (Actress & musician) -music & interview

“How to convince the human psyche that following your heart is a good if not totally sane idea! “


2:20 – Creating Stories


Amy Rosenthal (Playwright)

“Managing the Muse – how to keep faith with your creative self


Catie Wilkins (Comedian, author & podcaster)

“Be prepared to diversify.”


Nicola Comber (BBC Documentary Director)-interview

3:30 – Afternoon Break 

3:50 – Connection


Annik Petrou (Founder of Speaker Express)

“Falling in Love With Public Speaking”


Hela + Annie (Founders of Sister Snog)

“Stop Networking, Start Connecting.” 


Nuala O’Sullivan (Screen writer, producer)

“Not Fading to Grey – Older Women Front and Centre in Film”
How after not seeing myself at film festivals – on screen, behind the camera or in the bar afterwards – made me to set up a film festival


4:50 – Face Your Fears

Performance from Poet Rachel Shorer


Charlene (Penguin Author)

“Fear is a F*ck Boy”


Karen Hobbs (Comedian & advocate for The Eve Appeal)

“It’s Just a Vagina?”

5:40 – Close + Goodbyes 


**Schedule subject to change.