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Downstairs (Talks + Performances)

9:00 – Registration

9:30 – Networking

9:50 – Introduction

10:00 – Start A Fire

Théa Anderson

“Embrace Your Calling”

Co-founder of WFW & Bold Soul Life Coach Thea Anderson will tell the story about her challenge to find her purpose & recover from devastating illness. What is your calling & how do you find it? What happens when you feel like you don’t easily fit in the societal boxes & need to do your own thing in your work, relationships or whatever way that is true for you? Thea will talk about how to embrace it all & powerfully step into a life that truly suits you.

Cat Rose

“Can a Personality Quiz Change Your Life?”

Co-founder Cat shares her life changing experience that shook her out of a dark patch in her early twenties and set her on the path to self-discovery and self-expression.

11:00 – Musical Interlude + Break

Music from Sophie Reid

12:00 – Turning Life Around

Ebonie Allard

“The power of the reframe and embracing our shadows”

Ebonie tells us her story of working in the TV industry, experiencing burnout and then penduluming through green juice and yoga to building My Girl Friday – her first business. Going from a place of £25k worth of debt and homelessness, and all the breakdown and stresses that that entailed, to the thing that changed it all and where she is now; running a thriving business and actually having a fun personal life too!

Alice Reeves

“Learning to Trust, Ask, and Take”

It took Alice a long time to learn that being independent and doing things by herself are not the same thing. Trying to know everything and have everything handled 24/7 is exhausting and a surefire way to burnout. Not to mention it’s impossible, so you’re fighting a never-ending battle. Alice will be talking about the power of community, collaboration, and conversation, and the magic that happens when you learn to trust, ask, and take.

Pippa Moyle

“From a Spice Girl Wannabe to a Gang Leader”

Pippa is the Founder and CEO of the City Girl Network, a social network dedicated to helping twenty-something women feel at home in their cities. Pippa will sharing her journey from a lonely twenty-something to an entrepreneur empowered, inspired and supported by nearly 2000 City Girls across the world.

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – Creative Callings

Sarah Wade

“Find Your Dream Job”

Inspirational stories about ordinary people who changed a job they hated to one that turned their life around. What IS the process for successful career change. A talk for anyone who hates their job, believes there is something more fulfilling or is looking for inspiration.

Sara Allen

“Why I left a sensible job to set up a job share project (and how job-sharing can help YOU achieve your goals)”

Hannah Winter

“Just my proto-type”

All new designers are told to find their specialism and hone in on their craft. Hannah can’t stand the idea of putting myself in one box and works largely across digital and in more traditional methods. She’ll share her thoughts about what it may mean to be a designer in the future and the benefits of having some fluidity to your skill set. Designing is about communicating a message in whatever visual way is appropriate.

15:00 – A Message from RISE Charity + Break

A RISE representative tells us about the charity and how we’re working together.

16:00 – Confidence + Empowerment

Joss Mukoyogo

“Authenticity, alchemy and ecstasy”

Joss will share the story of how following her heart and making choices that truly matter to her, however seemingly crazy and off-course to others, has led to and continues to lead to her most ecstatic life.

Rachel Bird

“Feeling empowered whilst speaking with authenticity and confidence”

Everyone sometimes takes on roles in our daily lives and we can play out who we think we ‘should’ be saying what we think is appropriate. Dissolving those boundaries and playing with our own idea of who we are and what we have to say can be utterly empowering and freeing. During this talk Rachel will talk you through learning to speak with authenticity and speaking your mind in such a way so that you will never want to go back to any other way of communicating.

17:00 – Home time!

Upstairs (Workshops)

12:00 – Amy Phipps

Tap Into The Power of Nature (herb and flower smudge stick making)

 14:00–14:30 – Moyra Scott

Wild Art Journaling

14:30–15:00 – Debbie Bridge

Bravery to Sing Workshop

16:00–17:00 – Stacia Keogh

Presenting Your Biz Story

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9:00 – Registration

9:30 – Networking

9:50 – Introduction

10:00 – Bringing the feminine

Rachel Cook

“How to Ground the Healthiest Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energy in Your Work, and in Yourself”

Zara Polden

“Standing up for Femininity”

In this talk Zara explores what femininity means to her and why she believes it is crucial in supporting mental and physical wellbeing.

11:00 – Dance performance + Break

Marta + Her Dancers

12:00 – A Bit of Balance

Ali Williams

“By Day and By Night: Finding Space for Creativity Part-Time”

Lola Hoad

“How To Be Your Own Boss and Still Look After Yourself”

Roz Try-Hane

“I’ll have what she’s having”

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – Wildfire Men

Elloa + Nige Atkinson

“Breaking the Vow of Male Silence” + interview

Dan Colliers

“Belonging Through Shared Grief”

Grief is such a sensitive subject but it is something that everyone has suffered with at some point in their life. Dan talks about why it’s more important than ever that we share our grief with those around us rather than bottling it up, as doing so can help us start to heal and also feel as if we belong.

On the flip side I will also share why it’s important for us to listen to people who are willingly sharing their grief, and how to cope with that as not everybody knows how.

15:00 – Musical Interlude + Break

Music from Dryadic

16:00 – What I’d Tell My Younger Self

Rebecca Fox

“Bitches Be Critical”


Nicola Comber


Nicola will tell her story of how she became a BBC/Ch4 director & producer later in life then others, what has driven her to overcome her fears & get her ideas on screen & what it means to a women in the film & TV industry. She shares her struggles & insights that translate to any area of life.

Théa Anderson + Cat Rose

*Group exercise* talking to our younger self

17:00 – Goodbyes!

 Upstairs (Workshops)

10:15–11:00 – Camilla Miller

Keeping Your Cool Parenting

12:00–13:00 – Hela + Annie from Sister Snog

Stop Networking Start Connecting

14:00–15:00 – Lucy Brand

Uncover Your Limiting Beliefs

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