Our Story

Grab a cuppa and let us tell you our story…

Wildfire Women co-founders Cat Rose & Thea Anderson have one thing in common.

They’ve wanted to hide.

Self-confessed ex-shrinking violet Thea describes how as as teenager she was so shy, she used to mark what she said out of 10.

“I decided most things I said only merited a 2, so I mostly kept quiet.”

Cat, hardcore introvert and historic wallflower, was forced to leave her office job in 2013 because the extroverted environment proved too much for her.

So, why would these two decide to create a weekend-long extravaganza with multiple speakers and performers, where they will be hosting from the stage?

“Some kind of madness?!” jokes Cat.

Meeting just a few months ago through a mutual friend, the pair realised that they have another thing in common—a sense of calling, a desire to overcome the odds and inspire others to do the same through their coaching (and probably some sort of crazy gene).

Both women have been on long journeys since the days of painful shyness and office overwhelm.

Cat and Thea
Cat and Thea at their weekly coffee + cake ‘business’ meeting

When Huffpost blogger Cat realised that office life wasn’t for her, she set up The League of Creative Introverts as a way to help introverts get their creative work out into the world – in a way that suits their personality type and preferences.

After battling with 6 years of illness in her twenties, Thea trained as a life coach and also forced herself to step into the limelight (realising that it wouldn’t actually kill her) through an improvised comedy training and by giving talks.

“Running your own business isn’t for the faint hearted either”, says Thea.

“We’re not alone though; there are so many women that are ready to step up and face what they feel called to do despite their fears and life’s obstacles. We both meet them everyday in our coaching.

It can be a lonely journey though. Working together on Wildfire Women is the most fun we’ve had. Women need one another to support and inspire each other. This event isn’t about how to be perfect, like so much in life, we’re not here to make anyone feel inadequate. We’re going to be telling it how it is!”