Once Upon A Time…

There was a strong, adventurous, awesome woman.

Even though she sometimes doubted it (and not everyone knew this about her.)

She was a creative goddess.

Getting her ideas out there really mattered. She had big plans.

She had survived some tough times (if only you knew the half of it…) But this had taught her that life was too short not to make the most of it—to have amazing experiences and at least try to do her HER THING in the world.

It wasn’t selfish; she knew that by doing ‘her thing’, she would lift others up too.

She had already accomplished much in her life, but she had LOTS more to offer. More ideas and talents than she could count – and ones she wasn’t fully using.

She was struggling with a few things—it was sometimes hard to know if she was making good decisions, to feel confident and – quite honestly – she felt different from other people. She always had.

She couldn’t seem to settle, like everyone else, even though she really tried.

She knew it was time for a change. It was time for the next step.

But… in carving her own path, she sometimes felt lonely.

She needed a boost, a spark of inspiration, some clarity before moving further on her journey.

To be brave and share her ideas that she had been keeping to herself, with others who were on similar paths.

She found her calling. Now it was time to find her tribe.

Her tribe of Wildfire Women.