In Conversation With Alice Reeves

Today we chat to superstar Wildfire Woman, Alice Reeves!

She talks to us about community, collaboration, conversation and the magic that happens when you learn to trust, ask, and take.

Alice Reeves

Tell us what you do – and more importantly, why you do it?

I’m a social media and content marketing consultant, and my business is called The Joyful Web. I believe marketing your business should be fun, creative, and an opportunity for self-expression – the most successful marketing has a purpose beyond simply selling what you offer, and that’s what I aim to create and get my clients excited about.

I’m also a children’s author and in partnership with illustrator Phoebe Kirk (another awesome Wildfire Woman!) we have self-published four children’s books for ages 5-8 under the name Truth & Tails which aim to eliminate prejudice, encourage acceptance, and aid understanding of others.

We have just secured a publishing deal for all four books which is incredibly exciting, and they’ll be re-released next year. I’m also founder of a Brighton event called BelongCon – The Belong Conversation – which brings people together in a safe space to share their stories of belonging and self-acceptance, and empower others to share theirs. Both BelongCon and Truth & Tails champion and work to cultivate a more connected, communicative, empathetic, and supportive society.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about you (or your industry)?

I think with marketing it’s that “social media marketing doesn’t work”, and that’s because too often people equate it with shouting as loud and as often as you can about your product and people simply switch off to that. There is too much noise online, and the most successful marketing doesn’t add to that – it cuts through because it speaks to people in a genuine way, provides something helpful and useful, and cultivates meaningful, long-term relationships with customers or clients.

The best marketing creates loyalty, in the same way as any successful relationship does. When it comes to publishing it’s probably that “it’s impossible to get a book deal”. It takes a lot of time and work. As with any industry you need to have a unique product that meets a need, and is executed well. We’d been self-publishing for two years, sent hundreds of emails to agents and publishers, funded all our costs out of our own pockets and sales to friends and family, and then eventually an opportunity presented itself and we grabbed it.

It’s a cliche but there really is no such thing as an overnight success. You have be to be tenacious and play the long game. That’s why finding what you’re passionate about is so important, if you don’t believe in it enough you’ll probably lose interest and give up.

“You have be to be tenacious and play the long game”

What women in your life have been your biggest inspiration or mentors?

So many that I can’t mention all of them! I’m privileged to know so many wonderful women whom I can rely on for support and inspiration. my earliest mentor figure was my secondary school English teacher Mandy Smith who taught me how to public speak, fuelled my lifelong love of English Literature and Language, and supported me through an extremely tough time personally.

We got back in touch recently and I realised how much of who I am was inspired by her support and encouragement from such a young age. I also have to mention the awesome Ebonie Allard, my coach, who has been a huge help in my first year of self-employment. There have been some seriously rocky patches and a lot of scary waves to ride, and having her and the Misfit to Maven community as support has been invaluable.

What one change would you most like to see in the world?

I would love to see a world that’s truly connected, in which everyone feels supported, comfortable asking for help when they need it, and has access to that help no matter what it is.

What are you most looking forward to at Wildfire Women?

Speaking, of course! I’m so honoured to have been invited to be part of the event, and I can’t wait to meet and hear from all the other incredible women who are doing amazing things in the world.

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