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Thea Anderson

A life coach who works with creative, courageous women and helps them get unstuck and fulfil their true calling.

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Cat Rose

Cat’s here to let creative introverts know that actually YES they can – nerves and awkwardness and all!

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Ali Williams

A Popular Romance Studies academic, and editor of The Pink Heart Society online magazine, Ali spends her time oscillating between researching the 21st Century Harlequin Mills & Boon novel and writing a romance novel of her own.

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Pippa Moyle

Founder of the City Girl Network – a social network helping twenty-something women living in cities across the world call their cities home.

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Nicola Comber

From her days learning the arts of kimono-wearing and traditional flower-arranging in rural Japan to producing and directing for the BBC; Nicola is an expert at crafting powerful storylines and experiences.

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Alice Reeves

Social media & content marketing consultant, children’s author, gluten-free blogger AND founder of BelongCon – Alice is a multitalented Wildfire woman.

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Sophie Reid

Sophie Reid is a Brighton-born musician, actress & aspiring maverick most inspired by Patti Smith, Helena Bonham Carter, Janis Joplin & Judy Garland. Her most recent film LA BARRACUDA is currently touring the international film circuit and other projects include Game of Thrones and Beauty & the Beast.

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Ebonie Allard

Ebonie Allard is a Misfit turned Maven. An author. The go-to Coach for disruptors, innovators and self selected misfits.

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Lola Hoad

Lola is a designer and small business coach/speaker based in Brighton, UK. She started LH Design, an independent design studio selling handlettered paper goods, when she was 19, and also runs a collective for female entrepreneurs + creatives called One Girl Band.

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Nige & Elloa Atkinson

Nige and Elloa Atkinson are a husband and wife team who have co-written the groundbreaking new book, Odd Man Out: Breaking The Vow of Male Silence and known for their playful teaching style, their passion and their insightfulness.

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Rachel Bird

Rachel is representing the team at Pony Express Speakers Club – who have helped thousands of professionals to speak on more stages, grow their business and successfully raise investment.

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Elaine Ortiz

A key player behind EDL (English Disco Lovers) and the Hummingbird project; Elaine is also is a highly energised activist and social provocateur for human rights, race equality and refugee welfare.

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Rebecca Fox

A comic book artist and writer; Rebecca is passionate about helping people to see our beautiful (but imperfect) world clearly and live with integrity. Her work empowers people to think about those big philosophical questions – and more everyday decisions – using critical thinking.

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Sara Allen

Sara is a senior strategist and job share expert. She mentors people looking to develop their career and founded Further&More to make job-sharing simple for ambitious candidates and enlightened employers.

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