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Thea Anderson

A life coach who works with creative, courageous women and helps them get unstuck and fulfil their true calling.
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Cat Rose

Cat’s here to let creative introverts know that actually YES they can – nerves and awkwardness and all!
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Ali Williams

A Popular Romance Studies academic, and editor of The Pink Heart Society online magazine, Ali spends her time oscillating between researching the 21st Century Harlequin Mills & Boon novel and writing a romance novel of her own.
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Pippa Moyle

Founder of the City Girl Network – a social network helping twenty-something women living in cities across the world call their cities home.
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Nicola Comber

From her days learning the arts of kimono-wearing and traditional flower-arranging in rural Japan to producing and directing for the BBC; Nicola is an expert at crafting powerful storylines and experiences.
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Alice Reeves

Social media & content marketing consultant, children’s author, gluten-free blogger AND founder of BelongCon – Alice is a multitalented Wildfire woman.
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Sophie Reid

Sophie Reid is a Brighton-born musician, actress & aspiring maverick most inspired by Patti Smith, Helena Bonham Carter, Janis Joplin & Judy Garland. Her most recent film LA BARRACUDA is currently touring the international film circuit and other projects include Game of Thrones and Beauty & the Beast.
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Ebonie Allard

Ebonie Allard is a Misfit turned Maven. An author. The go-to Coach for disruptors, innovators and self selected misfits.
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Lola Hoad

Lola is a designer and small business coach/speaker based in Brighton, UK. She started LH Design, an independent design studio selling handlettered paper goods, when she was 19, and also runs a collective for female entrepreneurs + creatives called One Girl Band.
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Nige & Elloa Atkinson

Nige and Elloa Atkinson are a husband and wife team who have co-written the groundbreaking new book, Odd Man Out: Breaking The Vow of Male Silence and known for their playful teaching style, their passion and their insightfulness.
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Rachel Bird

Rachel is representing the team at Pony Express Speakers Club – who have helped thousands of professionals to speak on more stages, grow their business and successfully raise investment.
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Rachel Cook

Former stock trader, film director and producer, now tech start-up founder – Rachel is a polymath who has plenty of stories to share with us (including how her start-up Seeds had her ending up spending a night in a Kenyan prison!)
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Rebecca Fox

A comic book artist and writer; Rebecca is passionate about helping people to see our beautiful (but imperfect) world clearly and live with integrity. Her work empowers people to think about those big philosophical questions – and more everyday decisions – using critical thinking.
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Sara Allen

Sara is a senior strategist and job share expert. She mentors people looking to develop their career and founded Further&More to make job-sharing simple for ambitious candidates and enlightened employers.
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Sarah Wade

Sarah Wade

A BBC radio producer and now, the co-author of two books: Find Your Dream Job and Start Your Dream Business. Sarah loves to hear and share stories about people who love what they do for a living.
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Roz Try-Hane

Since embracing her fear of dining solo, Roz has been reviewing food, films and all the hidden gems people miss out on. Currently writing her first book, all about Paris, solo dining and turning down the noise.
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Hannah Winter

Hannah is a designer, lettering artist and aspiring art director. She’s only been in the industry for two years but has big plans for her future in it and hopes to redefine what a designer is ‘meant to be’.

Zara Polden

Zara Polden is a psychotherapist who has developed a special interest in femininity after being brought up in a male dominated culture including a boys’ secondary boarding school and a family steeped in patriarchy.
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Marta Scott

Marta Ribeiro Scott is a dancer and performer from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil with many background experiences from working as a professional dancer and singer in Europe, Israel, and USA including Las Vegas and New York, to performing on Broadway.
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Dryadic’s luscious, emotive pop hooks and candid, heartfelt lyrics traverse an acoustic spectrum with Eastern European influence at one end, and British trad-folk at the other. Zora and Jo deftly deploy double guitar, fiddle, dreamy vocals and percussive toys to bring their musings on the human condition to life, creating a captivating, magical sound that promises to ensnare the most diverse of audiences.

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Joss Mukoyogo

Joss is an Ecstasy Aunt in service to love truth and beauty. She is committed to inspiring women to live more ecstatic lives. She teaches that self love is the greatest superpower and that authenticity is the key to alchemising your life into ecstasy on every level.

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Dan Collier

Working as an Undertaker at 19, training to be a Nurse at 25 and with a number of people he has met during his life, he has listened to people share their grief and accepted that responsibility gladly. Dan will talk about why it’s more important than ever to share our grief with those around us rather than bottling it up.