Cat Rose

My background is in design, illustration and marketing. After flailing around with my pet portrait business, I’m on a mission to help fellow creatives, mostly introverts like myself, who struggle with the ‘icky’ feeling that comes with self-promotion.



You know – like when you get asked that dreaded question: ‘So… what do you do?’  at those stuffy networking events…

I’ve learnt great deal about the technical aspects and strategy involved in DIY promotion. However, as a hardcore introvert and creative who prefers to hide behind her laptop screen, I’ve realised the mindset required to create a thriving business is far more important than I had previously imagined.

Whilst I don’t believe introverts need to act like extroverts to build a life doing what they love; I do believe there are some significant mindset shifts we can make – once we know our strengths and limitations.



If you’d told me a year ago I’d be planning a real, live event in the city I’ve loved since I was a child, trying to chew on rock – I’d have told you to get off the crazy train.

My excitement for Wildfire Women 2017 is 100% down to the massive shifts I’ve made in my own mindset – and proof that if this hardcore introvert can get out of her cave for a weekend – you can too!


You can get more of an idea about what I talk about at my online cave: or say hi @creativeintro on Twitter!

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