The Wildfire Way: How to run your business on YOUR terms!

Théa and Cat here! Through our multiple business/therapy sessions during the months leading up to Wildfire Women - a two-day live event held this year in Brighton - we discovered the missing ingredient to running our businesses with more ease, flow and lightness than we could have ever imagined. Now, we're running a FREE workshop to show Wildfire Women how to do the same!

Many people take business courses but don’t actually know how to integrate all the info into their life? Why? Because...these courses are an A-Z route map & most people don't work like robots.

We know you're different... we all are! So instead of trying to give a one-size-fits all how to guide, we want to give you the tools to understand your unique self and build a business according to those strengths, preferences and quirks.

This workshop will walk you through the core principles of self knowledge and how to shape your business accordingly.

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    Online workshop means you can watch from wherever!
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    Tech-skills are not required (you'll learn how to play to your strengths)
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    Replay will be available for those who register now!
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    This is for anyone who has an existing business or is on the verge of starting one.

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